An Impromptu Vow of Silence

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I woke up today to a piercing headache and a dull earache, accompanied by the mother of all sore throats. This came as no big surprise, though, since the whole family has been battling this awful bug on and off for almost three weeks, and I had been feeling a bit under the weather for a few days now. What DID … Read More


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The latest issue of TIME magazine left me a bit rattled. For those that may not have read it, you have to find the article, read it, and then look deeper to see what people have been saying about it. Far form being merely controversial, many feel that it is a straight up attack on mothers. First of all, for … Read More

May 9th – QOTD

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Today’s question is about things that drive you crazy. It makes me crazy when people drive 20 under the speed limit on the highway. A double make-me-crazy bonus for when someone in both lanes is doing it. What about you? Is it the barista that is 15 years younger than you but calls you “honey?” Is it a rogue bird … Read More

May 8th – QOTD

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Today’s question is on the topic of books – do you and your kiddos have any favorites? We definitely have our timeless family classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Oh The Thinks You Can Think, but we have also found new favorites over the years, which has been a fun adventure too. Looking forward to hearing some great book … Read More

May 7th – QOTD

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Hello all – I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Asha is in beautiful Maui, so she definitely had a great weekend! Our question today is about travel: what would your dream vacation be like? For me, I would love to get to go back to the Grand Canyon; it is so breathtaking and I would love for my girls … Read More

May 4th – QOTD

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Greetings! Today’s question of the day is short and sweet – are you a dog or a cat person and why? We are both dog people, and what we love about our dogs is how their personalities are so friendly, fun-loving, and quirky. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say! In Him, Asha and Jennah Please follow … Read More

May 3rd – QOTD

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Today is the National Day of Prayer! In support of this wonderful day, we want to know if you participated anywhere or not, and also if there was an organized prayer meeting scheduled that your kids attended. It is amazing what God can do when His people come together as one and pray! In Him, Jennah and Asha Please follow … Read More

May 2nd – QOTD

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Greetings one and all! Today I went to the post office and was delighted to find a Clubhouse Junior magazine waiting for my daughter (a gift from my wonderful parents). We love getting mail, especially when it is a magazine, and it made me wonder – what are your favorite magazines to read or subscribe to? Ours are Real Simple, … Read More