Making the Most Out of Your Day

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While we do not usually reference secular articles or authors on our blog, this article on making the most out of your mornings is just too good to pass up. We all want a little more time in our days, but for many moms  – especially those that are still waking up at night with young children – mornings can … Read More

From Drab to Fab: A 5-minute Bedroom Wall Makeover

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Decorating my bedroom has always been a bit of a struggle. For one, our supposed ‘love nest’ is also the the proud location of my husbands ‘in-home office’ aka ‘the romance killer.’ I have tried to block out that section of the room mentally as best as I can by filling the room with reminders of our love – my favorites … Read More

We Love!

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Recently I had the opportunity to write a guest post for, which is one of the largest websites for moms out there today! They are a wonderful resources for moms of all ages, and I highly recommend checking out their site when you need some decorating inspiration, kiddo project ideas, encouragement, and more. To see the post that I … Read More

Oh Praise Him, Alleluiah!

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Today is one of those days where the Valley is filled with sunlight, blue skies, and lush greenery as far as the eye can see. This unparalleled beauty reminds me of how lucky I am to live in a place where I can look out my window and see not sky rises and stoplights but mountains, rolling hills, and fields … Read More

A Day With Jennifer McLucas

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Jennifer Dawn McLucas is a blogger that lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her prince of a husband and three wonderful children. Her blog is dedicated to sharing hope and encouraging women of all ages to apply the fairy tale truth of scripture to their real life circumstances. On her blog, Jennifer’s Life Between, she writes about the Bible studies, … Read More

Must-haves for expecting mommas

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This is the year of babies, as evident by how many of my friends and acquaintances are expecting a little one in the next few months. It makes me think back to when I was pregnant with my little ones, especially to the things that made those months just a little better. I have decided that there are some things … Read More

Tuesday Inspirations

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Today is dreary, wet, and a bit uninspiring…I have dreams of sunshine and bike rides dancing in my head, but the weather is just not cooperating. So – to add a little inspiration and encouragement to my day and yours – I have compiled a few remarkable stories (both new and old) that are sure to bring a little sunshine … Read More

Questions..So Many Questions

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1. Why do kids have fun-dar at the worst times (also known as “we-were-sleeping-but-sensed-that-mom-and-dad-were-going-to-watch-a-movie-or-going-to-have-a-date-night radar)? 2. Why are rice and banana so difficult to clean up once tossed from a high chair? 3. Why do kids always get sick before something big or wonderful is supposed to take place? 4. Why is it called the “post-baby” body?…I believe “post-war” is … Read More

Chores I DO Like To Do…Strange But True

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Recently I read a wonderful post by the Gypsy Mama about the things we must do but HATE doing…you know, things like cleaning the tub and clipping baby nails. She had me rolling by the end, since many of the things that she mentioned are things that I am notorious at our house for avoiding. Her words inspired me as well, because … Read More