Precious Moments

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I looked around my condo this morning, and felt as if my whole body sighed with me. A laundry basket waits for me brimming full. There are shoes scattered by the door in a heap, a pile of boxes that desperately need to make their way to the recycling, and a giant stuffed animal soaked in sour formula. It’s hard … Read More

Get Me to The Church On Time

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My morning was seven different kinds of crazy. I mean, seriously! My husband is out on Bremerton, (bless his soul) doing a photo-shoot that sent him on the ferry before any human being should be peeled out of bed, and I am at home trying to make it out the door to church on time. Alana is plopped on the … Read More

Being Real

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Yesterday I updated my facebook status: “I’m so happy today. Happy like: I could propose to my husband, I could walk around town with a bunch of balloons, I could wear red lipstick and leave kiss prints in random places. Warning, I think it’s contagious.” In the moment, I really felt like that. SOOOOOO much. Then it hit me. What … Read More