An Age of Miracles

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  I was blessed to hear Sara Groves play live last Sunday, and the lyrics to one of her songs has been pulsing through my veins all week. Listen here: Miracle       Lay down your arms Give up the fight Quiet our hearts for a little while Things have been spoken Shouldn’t be said Rattles around in our … Read More


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overcome  past participle of o·ver·come(Verb) Verb Succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty). Defeat (an opponent); prevail: “they overcame the guards”; “we shall overcome”. Synonyms overpower – vanquish – conquer – defeat – surmount – beat     Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by my experience in the NICU. It was over 2 years ago now, and how is it that … Read More

An Update from the OTN Gals

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Hi everyone! Long time no chat, eh? Asha and I have been busy since Mother’s Day de-cluttering our lives and preparing for some fun things ahead, including a few awesome guest posting opportunities over at Dandelion Moms, which is an excellent blog just for mommas like us. Our first guest post, written by Ash, went live yesterday – you can … Read More