The Giving Season

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If you’re anything like me, there is something so haunting about seeing someone in need and feeling like you have nothing to offer. Often we’ll be stopped at a red light and I’ll see someone with that classic cardboard sign and broken smile. I typically pilfer through my car and try to share a water bottle, some change, or any … Read More


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I’ll admit openly that I draw most of my mothering from ‘grace-based’ parenting. I want to raise a little princess who knows her value to the core, who rejoices in the truth, and is quick to defend the marginalized. I love the image of a home that lives and bleeds, “As for me and my house we will serve the … Read More

Wake Up

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Long drives make me stir crazy. I’ve always been quick to get horrendously car sick, so unless I’m driving, that limits my entertainment options to music or conversation. On my latest lengthy car ride, I was sharing with my hubby how Facebook tends to cloud my head, but my instagram is like a breath of fresh air. I follow a … Read More

When Moms Are Called to Fight

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I, by nature, am a “lover,” not a fighter. Conflict is not my MO, and I would rather take a backseat so that peace can reign. Normally, this works out just fine. Playdates go off without a hitch, even amid somewhat different parenting philosophies. I am able to overlook little annoyances in favor of maintaining the “greater good.” I am able … Read More