Windows To The Soul

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Ok moms – I can’t be the only one that ADORES those baby pictures of my kids where their little eyes shine so brightly. You know the ones I mean. Those photos where it’s like everything else fades away and you can see right into their tiny little souls. I have a favorite photo like this for each of my three … Read More

Dear unorganized mommy

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Dear Tired-Unorganized-Mommy, You know who you are. In fact, you probably had a hard time even sitting down to read this blog because you spent ten minutes looking for your charger, phone, or laptop. It’s rough some days isn’t it? Take Sunday for example, I sat down feeling like such a champ because I finished one task from start to … Read More

Bad Friday

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I’m not going to lie to you… Today has ALL THE MAKINGS of a bad day. My kids spent all night long taking turns wandering in to my room waking me up (me…not the hubby…ME) asking for things. “When is it morning?” “Can I watch TV when we get up?” “Can I sleep on your couch?” Literally I slept barely … Read More