From House To Home – Managing My Moments

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So this is the post in which I discuss time management, Or in my, case, the LACK of time management abilities I apparently took on as a skill set sometime between starting college and age 30. And in the spirit of cutting myself a wee bit of slack, I will say that in the last decade or so there have been … Read More

From House To Home – A Search For Peace Amid The Crazy

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Lately my prayers have sounded a lot like this: “Lord, I don’t know what to do.”   Super spiritual, I know. Some days I get up and look around me and instead of feeling grateful and blessed I feel let down by my family and overwhelmed by all the stuff I see and feel. Messes everywhere, Relationships on edge. Emotions … Read More

A Circle of Friends

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I was never that girl who made tons of friends. Most of the friends I acquired were more from interest in my brother than actual interest in getting to know me. I was bullied. I was that awkward girl that never really grew into her body until I was nearly ready to pick a college major. I could write a … Read More

A Mom’s Summertime BFF: Iced Coffee

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YOU GUYS. Iced coffee is the best. During the summer – when days are long and hot and filled with all manner of crazy, there is nothing more perfect than a tall icy glass of coffee, and if you think otherwise…you need to try iced coffee again 😉 My favorite method for making this glorious beverage comes via one of … Read More