The Beauty Of Brokenness

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Can I sit down on this virtual couch and unpack my big feelings to you for a bit? Yesterday I sat in a hospital room, watching my middle daughter sit – pale, quiet, and listless – with wires surrounding her and things beeping and test results that only a cardiologist can read pumping out of the top of the machine she … Read More

My Lighthouse

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It all started with a song. It was stuck in my head and burning in my ears for days. You know when you hear the lyrics and it’s almost as if it was sung exactly for you—in that moment.   We were in the middle of a massive remodel project and our tiny condo was rattling all day long. It … Read More

A Prayer for Sleepless Nights

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Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me. Psalm116:7 I find it so funny how kids can pass out in almost any place if they are tired enough? I wish I had mastered that life skill! Especially lately when the days are so long and by the time I crawl into bed it … Read More

When Fears are Stilled

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Have you ever been stuck to something? Haunted seems so dark and too troubled, but have you ever felt like the weight of something is following you? If you boil it all down, I bet your bottom dollar the culprit would be: fear.   Fear is a shady lady isn’t she? Sometimes she saunters in so carelessly without any hurry … Read More