From Drab to Fab: A 5-minute Bedroom Wall Makeover

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Decorating my bedroom has always been a bit of a struggle. For one, our supposed ‘love nest’ is also the the proud location of my husbands ‘in-home office’ aka ‘the romance killer.’ I have tried to block out that section of the room mentally as best as I can by filling the room with reminders of our love – my favorites are the wall decals that call to mind Paris and all the beauty that place holds. Those decals rest above our heads at night, reminding us of the butterfly feeling of being engaged. (He asked me under the Eiffel Tower to be his wifey)

To be honest though…I am just plain old sick of the look, so I just decided to move those memory-inspiring decorations to another wall in our room. Being on a fixed income, I knew that I had to get creative, so I scavenged the house for some extra goodies and here is what I came up with. This is soooooo easy and honestly, made me feel so accomplished. Here is what you need to spice up your bedroom décor on budget:

  • 2 blank canvases
  • tape
  • paper

It is totally easy peasy. Do it. You will feel great! Plus, if you are craving a change in a few weeks, all you have to do is change out the paper! Here is how to make simple, fun wall art in a flash:

  • Take your paper (wall paper, craft paper, or even fabric would work – but fabric would probably need more heavy-duty tape to stay in place) and lay it face-down on the floor or table.

  • Center your canvas on the paper and basically wrap the canvas like a present, being sure to tape it down tautly.

  • If you want, you could totally add embellishments to the front, such as glitter, mod-podged memorabilia, and more.

I love my finished wall art, and I hope you will love yours too!

In Him,


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