A Circle of Friends

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I was never that girl who made tons of friends. Most of the friends I acquired were more from interest in my brother than actual interest in getting to know me. I was bullied. I was that awkward girl that never really grew into her body until I was nearly ready to pick a college major. I could write a saga about that phase of life, but what resonates with me more now is the deep desire to still cultivate female friendships. I always wanted the kind of friendships that Anne Shirley and Diana had–that bosom buddy relationship! (Can I get a witness?)

I wanted to have the kind of circle of women that as soon as something went down, you just rallied the troops and spilled your guts. Honestly, I think I had little tastes, but it really wasn’t until adulthood that the women in my life started standing out from the ‘girls’. I have this quirky band of women that have hung close in the storm. My inner circle isn’t afraid to rush into the hard places. These ladies have seen me at my worst and my best. I am so grateful for this troop of women. They are like my in-a-pinch-organ donors. When my heart is broken, I borrow one of theirs for a while and I feel like I can keep going. Have you ever felt like that? Like you can’t even put one foot in front of the other and you just need someone to stand in for you. I am NOT the type to ask, so the people who really get me know they might have to circumvent my comfort zone to get through to me.

Today one of my soul-sisters showed up in the form of a box from amazon. She met a need that I never even voiced. She filled in the gaps. She blessed the hot-pink pants off my daughter—just because. This is Jesus! This is what true friendship looks like! It doesn’t go looking for a gold star, it just loves out of such an overflow of blessing. I pray that I can be more like that.

Eventually as you start to let people in, your life will start looking like a quilt, with patches of joy that remind you of how rich your life really is. Maybe you feel like a tiny frayed square! Do you feel like you have so little to bring to the table? Do you feel hindered by time, finances, energy, or lack of courage? Don’t underestimate the gift of your friendship! Someone might just be longing for you to stitch your humble efforts next to theirs. Together with our squares we build a covering that embodies its own name: a comforter.

Isn’t that exactly what we need on the long, dark, cold nights?

Who could you love better? Who needs your extravagant love to break down their bluff?

Just some thoughts for this rainy Wednesday afternoon.



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