A Mom’s Summertime BFF: Iced Coffee

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Iced coffee is the best. During the summer – when days are long and hot and filled with all manner of crazy, there is nothing more perfect than a tall icy glass of coffee, and if you think otherwise…you need to try iced coffee again 😉

My favorite method for making this glorious beverage comes via one of the best recipe wranglers of our time: none other than The Pioneer Woman. I love all of her stuff with wild enthusiasm, but for her coffee recipes I have absolute passion. This is a woman that advocates for use of sweetened condensed milk and whipped cream and chocolate…in generous serving sizes. She is heavenly, and so is this coffee.

Here is me enjoying mine:

jp coffee

In all honesty, Ree’s photo of her iced coffee is far superior…



And honestly, super simple. In a nutshell, you take your ground coffee, pour cold water over it, and let sit for many hours. Then you strain the coffee grounds out and voila:

cold-brew coffee, aka nectar of the gods.

You can read her full recipe and how-to business here.


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