A Work in Progress


I have moments when I genuinely miss working. There was a time when heels, pearls, and a general sense of cleanliness was an everyday part of my life. Now if I sport anything a grade up from yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt, Alana is convinced I am leaving and proceeds to weep. I think the part I miss the most is using the other parts of my brain. As technology speeds forward and my brain cells continue pickling with every re-run of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, I sometimes fear what my future job opportunities hold. Every now and then I get updates on LinkedIn and wonder what my ‘current’ endorsements might be? Can you be endorsed for refilling the toilet paper roll? What about successfully living with a tiny Napoleon? I bag my dog’s poop, does that count?


I think simply living with a three year-old should count as an endorsement. Just the other day I watched in horror as Alana flung herself on the ground like an angry bat, making tantrum snow angels. At one point this would have unhinged me, but now I just fantasize about how I could attach Swiffer pads to her head. Honestly, at the very least, the kind people at the bookstore would at least have clean floors. Maybe Oprah will invite me on her show? I can see it now: Stay-at-home Mom revolutionizes the cleaning industry!


In all seriousness though, I really believe that this time is precious and vital! It’s hard. It’s tiring and FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! I get it. I think all Moms are unified when the tiny people act like goblins, no one ‘really’ knows how to handle that kind of crazy! I have discovered very little, but one thing I have come to realize is that in those moments when it feels like your dignity is being stripped, it’s just a bleep on the long radar of life. Jobs come and go. Children grow. Our time is valuable and we have to hold it with tender hands. We don’t have to seize the moment, but we should aim to seize their hearts. One of my dearest friends once said, “Hold everything else loosely and hold Jesus tightly!” So that’s my life plan. If you really think about it, we all share the same REAL endorsements:










Set free.


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