An Impromptu Vow of Silence (Part 2) – Lessons Learned

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My day spent without a voice was difficult, to say the least. It was better the next day, but still scratchy – but that first day of virtually no voice at all was definitely tough. True to my personal challenge, I kept a log of what happened; it is amazing what will rise up to fill the silence when I am not the one talking!

9:15 am – Big sister wanted to show me something. I was cleaning and wanted to just holler back out into the hall that I was busy. BUT since I could not say a darned thing, I decided it would take just as much time to go see what she was talking about as it would to try to talk to her in improvised sign language. The lesson learned? I got a sneak peek into a budding artist’s gallery depicting a stegosaurus family. Priceless.

9:40 am – Little sister was pitching a tantrum in her room. Instead of saying “no-no” as I walked by the door with my arms full of clean laundry, I had to set it down and go in to try to calm her down in person. The lesson learned? The poor kid had a poopy diaper and one foot stuck under a drawer. Talk about a low moment for me as a mom, knowing that normally I would have walked by until she raised even more of a fuss. Definitely a lesson learned.

10:00 am – I realize that there have been well over four times in the last hour that I wanted to yell up or down the stairs to get the kids’ attention versus just taking a moment to go to where they are and have a face-to-face conversation. The lesson learned? Wow – I need to up my game, big time.

11:02 am – My teeth now are throbbing in pain because the sinus pressure in my head hurts so bad. I am in the car running errands and desperately wanted to tell big sister singing loudly in the back to tone it down a bit, but just did not have the energy (or the voice) so I sat there in silence. The lesson learned? The girl can carry a serious tune! She is funny too – subbing words in the song out for things she sees as we drive by. Too cute.

12:20 pm – Big sister is sitting on the bed by me, playing as I write a blog post. She leans over me and my normal response would have been to scold her and tell her to be careful not to bump my computer…but, voiceless, I can say nothing. The lesson learned? Her head in my lap, arms around my legs, snuggling up to me just because she loves me. Wow! To think I may have missed out on that before!

2:45 pm – I had no idea how much we really use our voices in a day! Phone calls, bank drive throughs, coffee shop counters, talks with family and friends…all vocal! The lesson learned? There is peace in silence, and there is also purpose in speech – we need to be able to leverage BOTH to their fullest.

4:30 pm – Headed to the car for the last errand of the day. Normally I would be telling the girls to hurry up; to quit jabbering and get quickly in the car so we won’t be late. Today, though, I say nothing. The lesson learned? Big sister fills the silence by teaching little sister to say “dog” with great delight. it does not get any more adorable than that.

6:00 pm – Dinner time, and I have no desire or ability to push my voice to say a prayer for the meal. The lesson learned? Big sister steps up to the plate by grabbing little sister’s grubby hands and saying a prayer that melted my heart and – I am sure – God’s heart too.

That was my day in a nutshell. Talk about eye opening! One thing is for sure: I will definitely be making more time to listen and cuddle in close with my girls from now on!

In Him,


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2 Comments on “An Impromptu Vow of Silence (Part 2) – Lessons Learned”

  1. GG Mary


    What insight you have already as a young woman. We are so blessed to watch you mature as a Mom and care for those precious little ones. We love you. Keep up the good work!!

    GG Mary

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