Awake O Sleeper

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Oh my friends, the truth is: I’m tired. Something about this last week of gray days and my ever graying hair has kept me feeling a bit low. This whole up all night/up all day scenario is hard! At the same time though, I can think back instantly to two separate times when my babies were in the NICU and I would have given anything to bring them home. All I wanted was the ‘normal’ of life. I wanted cold coffee that needed to be reheated in my microwave. I wanted to be up all night with full arms and an even fuller heart. I wanted all of this! I still do, but sleep deprivation—the struggle is REAL. Am I right?

Since I have a perky 4 year-old I know it doesn’t go away with age. We will go from forcing their tiny bodies into dream land, to dragging their pre-teen badonkadonks outta bed. I know. I get it.

For now I find rest in the little things. I find treasure in the ordinary, because if we really believe we serve a good Father who extends His kingdom and His loving-kindness to us, then we have to believe that our work, no matter how small—matters. Our unloading of the dishwasher fuels a family, our endless laundry screams of our deep blessing, and our wiping of bums, noses, and everything in between sings of our clean water and world-class health-care. These little moments of ordinary living can be breathtakingly beautiful, if we choose to see them that way. We can’t take for granted the ways in which our lives are deeply wealthy.

So I am tired. It’s true, but I am awakened by joy. My heart is made new by an ever loving and all seeing Savior who laid it all on the line for me, for my kids, for my family, for all of us.

If you are tired today let this truth ring into your achy soul:

You were made well

You are the crown of creation, and this moment is just a moment. It’s fleeting like a puffy cloud on a sunny day, but your inheritance is etched into eternity.

We are sons and daughters of an awesome God who will reign forever.

Let’s live like we know what we are after

Awake and be a light sleeper, but never stop being a heavy dreamer.

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