Bad Friday

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I’m not going to lie to you…

Today has ALL THE MAKINGS of a bad day.

My kids spent all night long taking turns wandering in to my room waking me up (me…not the hubby…ME) asking for things. “When is it morning?” “Can I watch TV when we get up?” “Can I sleep on your couch?” Literally I slept barely a wink from 10pm to 4am.

I just spilled coffee all over my pants. MY FIRST CUP OF COFFEE. You feel my pain; the struggle is real over here. Also, apologies for typing when un-caffeinated. It’s probably not safe.

The kids are whining for food and it’s not even 8. I’m like, GO GET A BANANA you know what time breakfast is…I’ve been telling you every morning for YEARS.

And then the Day 3 email for our 40 Day Challenge has the audacity to show up in my inbox and tell me to find the good in today. “Take time to thank God today?” SERIOUSLY, Asha…you’re killing me here.

Because even though I WANT to be thankful sometimes it’s hard. Like, “You’ve lost that loving’ feeling” kind of hard.

And I don’t think I’m alone here…am I?

I think this struggle to find joy in the midst of hard times…to be thankful when all you want to do is cry and go back to bed…to pray thoughtfully when you just want to shout angry things at God…it is part and parcel of being human.

And it is what makes the humility of coming to terms with the reality of our lives such a beautiful sacrifice to God.

Doing something that’s easy is, well, EASY.

Doing something that’s hard means much more.

Today is Good Friday – a day we remember Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf. He died so we could have a REASON to get out of bed each day and to live lives of sacrifice for Him and for those around us. It is hard, but it is SO GOOD, too.

Below are some links to blog articles that have been inspiring me and melting my hard heart lately. If you have time, please read them and let them speak to you.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that it is important to be thankful…and to give freely…and to love deeply…

Even when we don’t feel like it. Even when we’re having a bad day.

  1. Check out this article on “Why Women Rock.”
  2. You will weep over this one: “Giving Away What We’ve Been Given.”
  3. If you feel unappreciated, read this AWESOME article.

Please take heart today. I say that as much for me as for you.

IT IS HARD sometimes. It just is. I wish it weren’t.

But today of all days. let’s do our best to remember that Jesus chose the hard thing for love; surely we can choose the hard thing (the thankfulness, the humility, the grace) for love of Him and our families.

In Him,


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