Being Real

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Yesterday I updated my facebook status:

I’m so happy today. Happy like: I could propose to my husband, I could walk around town with a bunch of balloons, I could wear red lipstick and leave kiss prints in random places. Warning, I think it’s contagious.”

In the moment, I really felt like that. SOOOOOO much. Then it hit me. What is stopping me from doing ANY of those things? 

Challenge Accepted.

Alana and I painted the town. We went wassailing. We were the cool kids with the balloons. We were larger than life and the best part is the only occasion was our happiness. We chose it. We lived it and it was awesome. Why is that somehow we think celebrating is limited to birthdays or special holidays? Why can’t we celebrate everyday? Sometimes I tell myself when I am having a bad day, that someone out there is fighting for their life, yearning for one more day…my day. So I kissed random signs (for all your germaphobs out there (myself included), it was totally post a good clorox wipe). YES. I was that crazy lady, cloroxing and kissing random signs. I left my kisses everywhere…just because. Because the world needs joy. The world needs random hope and the world needs spontaneous celebration.

My day culminated with re-proposing to my hubby. It was fun. We felt alive as we giggled toasting in our new-engagement. People congratulated us and as we slipped our wedding rings back on as we walked to the car, my heart felt so full.

So my challenge is, what is stopping you from being who you want to be? Why not do those things that you are longing to do. Why not?

Our time is now 🙂 Tis’ the season, get your gratitude on.

xo- Asha


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4 Comments on “Being Real”

  1. Oma

    What a wonderful encouragement! So often I get caught up in the tyranny of the urgent that I lose sight of the glories of life and the daily gifts from God. Thanks for the reminder. No signs close, so I might just kiss the dog:)

  2. Nanny

    What a wonderful story – it made my heart laugh and I am smiling at the thought of walking around town with a bunch of ballons…it is like putting on some colorfull wellies on a rainy day and running around in the rain while everyone is looking at you thinking “what are they doing” :-).

  3. cousin

    I LOVE that you “re-proposed” to your hubby—-outside! What a great idea…truly sweet from the inside out.

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