We never set out thinking we’d be authors. To be honest, even the idea of blogging wasn’t on our radar until – on a whim – we thought, “What the hay – our hubbies make websites and take pretty pictures for a living; no reason not to give this a go!” After blogging for a while, God put the spark of our first book, Change Of Plans, in our hearts and we have been writing like crazy souls on fire ever since.

We write for ourselves.

We write for our children.

We write for the women (and men) that – like us – crave encouragement, solidarity, and a little humor now and then.

Currently we have a few books in various stages of completion, including ideation, first draft, and close-to-finished, and we are consistently blown away by God’s grace and goodness every step of the way. It is a humbling and terrifying thing to put your thoughts and your heart onto paper for all to see…and at the same time it is incredibly awesome to see the whispers (and sometimes shouts) that God breathes into our hearts come to life in such a tangible way.


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