Caffeine and Community

Welcome To Our Inner Circle

Here’s the deal. We really like you. Like, we really, really like you. You have partnered with us on challenges to live bigger and bolder lives, you have read our book and our blogs, you have dipped a toe into the community we have been crafting here at Only True North for the past several years. You are awesome, and to be honest, we really wanted a chance to dig deeper into this fantastic online gathering of women that God is pulling together through this website.  

We have been mulling over ways to bridge the technology gap…forums seemed too stale; social media, too broad; email lists, too generic. We wanted something that would allow us freedom to really let you get to know the real us, and that might possibly give you the courage to make yourselves known to us as well, even if just via comments and online communications. (And make no mistake about it – we cherish each and every comment and email and social media conversation; we really do. And so we unveil to you, our beloved community of readers, the next phase of Only True North’s journey on the interwebz: warning – things are about to get real up in this place!

Without further ado, we invite you to find a comfy spot, grab a cup of coffee, and join our circle.

In the next month, we will be launching our very own podcast, courtesy of Google Hangouts. Sometimes we will chat together, and sometimes we will fly solo, but either way our goal is for you to be able to share with us a few moments of real life each week. This won’t be a heavily-edited video, or a carefully planned display. This will just be us – probably with kids screaming in the background, dogs eating off the counter, and loads of laundry climbing the wall – baring our souls to you and to ourselves in an attempt to grab hold of the wonder and beauty that is womanhood.

We want you to be the first to join our circle!

This page won’t be listed on our main website menu for a while, meaning that if you are reading this, you either received the link on Facebook or via a direct email, or you found it because you have taken the time to read through our site and get to know what we are all about. We are so incredibly honored to have you partner with us as we take this crazy leap of faith (because let’s be honest – we are not exactly camera ready even on our best days). We can’t wait to let you in on the daily chaos and ebb and flow that is our lives, and we hope you share your lives with us here on the site as well.  

Since we practically live off of our daily caffeine consumption (and we are willing to bet that you do, too), we decided to create some fun coffee mugs that embody the message of hope and grace that is so central to our OTN message. You can preorder the mugs (they will be ready to ship out in August) on our home page by clicking here.   Stay tuned for more details as time goes by, including live video podcast schedules and YouTube subscription details.

Thanks for being a huge part of all we are doing here at Only True North!  

In Him,
Jennah & Asha