When Fears are Stilled

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Have you ever been stuck to something? Haunted seems so dark and too troubled, but have you ever felt like the weight of something is following you? If you boil it all down, I bet your bottom dollar the culprit would be: fear.   Fear is a shady lady isn’t she? Sometimes she saunters in so carelessly without any hurry … Read More

Silent Night

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As much as I wish that I could say that my Christmas season centers around peace and thanksgiving, the truth is, those are the things I have to fight for! It’s that time of year when schedules seem packed, the to-do-list seems longer, and most evenings seem anything but calm and bright. In my heart I know it’s the most … Read More

Jars of Clay

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Sometimes I joke that I should have been born at a different time. I find the 1912 gowns of Downton Abbey, beyond beautiful, but I also love the rush of the roaring 20’s flappers and all that jazz. On the same note, I am not a fan of being cold or chamber pots—so the jury is still out on whether … Read More

The Brightside

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Exhaustion is weird and it hits you in waves. I haven’t been sleeping much. My tiny guy is an all-night-sipper. He doesn’t like the bottle and he really just wants to snuggle. I know this is a season, and someday when I’m old and wrinkly I will look back and crave these sleepless nights, but right now I just feel … Read More

Awake O Sleeper

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Oh my friends, the truth is: I’m tired. Something about this last week of gray days and my ever graying hair has kept me feeling a bit low. This whole up all night/up all day scenario is hard! At the same time though, I can think back instantly to two separate times when my babies were in the NICU and … Read More


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Yesterday while I was rocking Torrey, my eyes drifted to Alana’s bookshelf. It’s a chintzy three tier shelf that we got at Ross when Stu and I were first married. We keep joking that one day we are just going to come home and find that poor sucka has given out crumbled on the ground with books flung left and … Read More


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So, my husband just got back this Saturday from a two week whirl-wind trip to Taiwan for his best friend’s wedding. I was here keeping the home fires burning and let’s be clear what that means. Essentially it involves too much chocolate, tears, laughter, all my favorite songs on repeat, and a shameless desire to wear stretchy pants—Every. Single. Day. … Read More


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I woke up this morning with sleep dust still caked into my eyes when my 4 year-old thrust a block of cheddar cheese in my face. “Excuse me, Mommy? Can you cut me some cheese,” she squealed. I moaned, “Just eat it like that. She trotted off with her cheese nub in hand, beyond excited with prospect of eating like … Read More

A Circle of Friends

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I was never that girl who made tons of friends. Most of the friends I acquired were more from interest in my brother than actual interest in getting to know me. I was bullied. I was that awkward girl that never really grew into her body until I was nearly ready to pick a college major. I could write a … Read More

Jar Jar Binks

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Adult friend making is just hard, isn’t it? I don’t know how to skirt around the subject, because for me it has just been one awkward hurdle after another. It usually starts when I am caught off guard and then the words just come spilling out into a phenomenon that I like to call: Jar Jar Binks. Basically Jar Jar … Read More