Silent Sleepy Night

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It’s late. I’m tired. I should be in bed. Story of my life—am I right? I was thinking about pain. It’s terrible. It isn’t jolly. It has nothing to do with Christmas. It full on robs us of joy and yet here we sit. Some of us have NO choice. Some of us could chose, but we have better ideas. … Read More


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You guys, I started therapy today. I say that not to pat myself on the back, but to say that I see the light of healing at the end of a long dark tunnel. I have PTSD. The. Struggle. Is.Real. For some reason I am not embarrassed anymore. Women talk so often about how it takes 9 months to be … Read More

The Brightside

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Exhaustion is weird and it hits you in waves. I haven’t been sleeping much. My tiny guy is an all-night-sipper. He doesn’t like the bottle and he really just wants to snuggle. I know this is a season, and someday when I’m old and wrinkly I will look back and crave these sleepless nights, but right now I just feel … Read More

Finding Treasured Moments In The Midst Of The Mess

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YOU GUYS! I am freaking out over here because today (deep breath) the folks over at (in)courage are posting an article I wrote on their blog! I was and still am so blown away that they selected my words to share with their community; what an unbelievable and exciting thing! If you want to read about the importance of letting … Read More

A Circle of Friends

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I was never that girl who made tons of friends. Most of the friends I acquired were more from interest in my brother than actual interest in getting to know me. I was bullied. I was that awkward girl that never really grew into her body until I was nearly ready to pick a college major. I could write a … Read More

Jar Jar Binks

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Adult friend making is just hard, isn’t it? I don’t know how to skirt around the subject, because for me it has just been one awkward hurdle after another. It usually starts when I am caught off guard and then the words just come spilling out into a phenomenon that I like to call: Jar Jar Binks. Basically Jar Jar … Read More

The Perils of Peopling

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This world can be a crazy place. Not always safe for people looking to nurture relationships. Hurt feelings and miscommunications can sink a ship of friendship before it has even really had time to test its mettle in open waters…and for people like me that step slowly into relationships and carry with them a very small inner circle of people … Read More

Living In The Trees

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How many of you believe you are made for something bigger? That you are destined to change the world, if even in a seemingly small way? If you don’t feel that way, you should. Because you are created for greatness.   We all are. But here’s the thing…before we can spread wide and high like God has planned for us, we must … Read More