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Yesterday while I was rocking Torrey, my eyes drifted to Alana’s bookshelf. It’s a chintzy three tier shelf that we got at Ross when Stu and I were first married. We keep joking that one day we are just going to come home and find that poor sucka has given out crumbled on the ground with books flung left and … Read More


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So, my husband just got back this Saturday from a two week whirl-wind trip to Taiwan for his best friend’s wedding. I was here keeping the home fires burning and let’s be clear what that means. Essentially it involves too much chocolate, tears, laughter, all my favorite songs on repeat, and a shameless desire to wear stretchy pants—Every. Single. Day. … Read More


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I woke up this morning with sleep dust still caked into my eyes when my 4 year-old thrust a block of cheddar cheese in my face. “Excuse me, Mommy? Can you cut me some cheese,” she squealed. I moaned, “Just eat it like that. She trotted off with her cheese nub in hand, beyond excited with prospect of eating like … Read More

A Mom’s Summertime BFF: Iced Coffee

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YOU GUYS. Iced coffee is the best. During the summer – when days are long and hot and filled with all manner of crazy, there is nothing more perfect than a tall icy glass of coffee, and if you think otherwise…you need to try iced coffee again 😉 My favorite method for making this glorious beverage comes via one of … Read More

Sometimes Done is Better Than Perfect (Especially when your kids are throwing up…I’m just saying…)

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If you are like me, you probably have a certain way of doing most everything. You put away your towels with the fold facing out; you line up items in your pantry by height and label color; you use bleach for everything. Whatever it is, you have your routine or plan for doing things. This is normal. What is not … Read More

Bad Friday

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I’m not going to lie to you… Today has ALL THE MAKINGS of a bad day. My kids spent all night long taking turns wandering in to my room waking me up (me…not the hubby…ME) asking for things. “When is it morning?” “Can I watch TV when we get up?” “Can I sleep on your couch?” Literally I slept barely … Read More

Equipping Our Children To Love Jesus For A Lifetime

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I saw this short video by Jen Hatmaker over the weekend, and whoah, mommas (and dads) this is a killer video. She says things like: “If God reigns in my kids’ hearts, I need to worry about nothing else…not their careers, not who they’ll marry…” And she drops gems like: “Our goal should be to show our kids a Jesus … Read More

What Heights of Love, What Depths of Peace

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Recently I have been listening to a fantastic group called King’s Kaleidoscope. They. Are. Awesome. They have many songs, but my favorite album right now is “Asaph’s Arrows.” It is chock full of old hymns beautifully and powerfully redone…if you haven’t heard this band, get thee to your computer and LISTEN! Anyway, one of the songs I have been listening … Read More

When You’re Feeling Small

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You know the feeling… dishes piled high and no break in sight. I’ve been there. Sometimes it feels like you’re Alice in Wonderland, and you’ve just sampled the shrinking potion and find yourself growing smaller and smaller while life’s problems and unknowns and monotony grow larger and larger. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I love how Psalm 46 addresses the feelings … Read More