Love Story

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Have you ever noticed how we encapsulate our day by how much we have accomplished? I think this especially rings true for women! We tend to press our backs tight against the measuring stick of duty and that’s great for our to-do list, but not always so great for our soul. I know that a certain number of things throughout … Read More

After The Rain, A Rainbow

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I have been gardening this summer. Now, don’t get the wrong impression…I garden much the way Bob sails (haven’t seen What About Bob? You need to. Oh you need to. Food for the soul, that movie.), but still, this summer my feeble attempts have yielded a crop that my girls and I are proud of. Peas, beans, sunflowers, potatoes, pumpkins … Read More

My Bookshelf

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Sometimes my bookshelf is a lonely place for me. I glance over at it and the books on the shelf seem to glare back at me as a strong reminder of things I once loved. If you saw it, you’d find: travel guides, poetry anthologies, art reviews, classic novels, and a collection of random commentaries. The truth is, these books … Read More

Butter & Blooms

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The ‘loose-end’ state of my home is driving me crazy. It seems as soon as the kitchen starts to glisten, a dirty dish gets immediately tossed back in. I can never find the better half of my collection of single socks, and just when I think the house is looking good—I find my toddler eating butter or smearing mysterious goo … Read More

No Time for Nonsense!

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What makes your heart beat fast? It’s a loaded question, isn’t it? I’m not talking about familial love or even a hobby, I mean what about this great wide world leaves you wanting more? When do you feel the most alive? Some people ache to be in the mountains, others feel more like themselves in the surge of salty sea. … Read More

Compliments…oh dear.

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about compliments and how difficult it is to accept them…especially for women! If you’re anything like me, if someone shares a compliment, I usually have this compulsion to counteract it with a joke or something to re-infuse myself with humility. It’s like there is a subconscious rule out there that if you just say, … Read More

An Age of Miracles

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  I was blessed to hear Sara Groves play live last Sunday, and the lyrics to one of her songs has been pulsing through my veins all week. Listen here: Miracle       Lay down your arms Give up the fight Quiet our hearts for a little while Things have been spoken Shouldn’t be said Rattles around in our … Read More

7 Ways Parenthood Has Wrecked Me

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I say ‘wrecked’, because sometimes it’s okay to be wrecked by something. It simply means you can never go back to the way things were before. I wish I had a dime for every time someone told me, “Becoming a parent will change your life forever!” It’s true though. It is just one of those cliché things that you have … Read More

Wait for Him

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I can’t believe Monday has rolled around already. I didn’t feel ready. Sometimes I think there is more Jesus in Mumford & Sons than a roaring sermon. This morning I listen. Maybe I can do today. Maybe we all can. Wait for Him. I don’t care how long it takes. Just wait, then get up, and keep going.   Now … Read More

Encouragement for Single Moms

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This past weekend my sweet hubby was out on the Olympic Peninsula backpacking with some buddies. I encouraged him to go because I love his wild heart. He really needed some time away, and I am a firm believer in plunging straight into adventure.   That being said, I was a single mother through the weekend. Though my glimpse into … Read More