Awesome resources for the DIY foodie

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You know who you are – you are the mom or dad or grandparent or caregiver that loves making homemade delicacies for the little ones in your life. For many people, it is driven simply by a love for cooking and baking and all that goes along with being in the kitchen churning out flavorful love offerings. For others, time … Read More

My Top 7 Bedtime Stories

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Lulling your children into dreamland can be quite the daunting task. Some days my sweet one goes down without a fight, but other nights—it can be off-the-charts drama. Most nights, my hubby takes on book time so I can steal away for a shower or to make dinner. This time is so special for my daughter and her Daddy. I … Read More

Chicco Liteway Review

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Last summer my little family took to the sky, and flew all the way to Germany where we celebrated the marriage of our dear friends. Traveling with a little one is never easy, but going on an international flight is, well—not for the faint of heart! Looking back, I felt it was due time to RAVE about my absolute favorite … Read More

Must-haves for expecting mommas

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This is the year of babies, as evident by how many of my friends and acquaintances are expecting a little one in the next few months. It makes me think back to when I was pregnant with my little ones, especially to the things that made those months just a little better. I have decided that there are some things … Read More

Single Parenting-Resources For Support and Encouragement

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Single Parent Resources for Support & Encouragement

Mothers and fathers become single parents for many reasons. Sometimes it is a choice, but for others it’s simply the cards life has dealt them. Whatever the reasons behind the reality, being a single parent is both a gift and an obstacle course. Instead of two people taking on the responsibility of raising a child, one parent has to become … Read More

How to Make the Most of an At-Home Fitness Routine

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At-Home Fitness Routine

Ask moms anywhere about exercise and motherhood, and you’ll probably hear an overpowering and eternally resounding answer of, “What exercise?” Being a mom and finding time to hit the gym can seem impossible.  Those hours you once spent lifting and toning may seem to be a lifetime away from your present maternal lifestyle.  Even at-home videos can seem daunting when you’re asked … Read More