Chores I DO Like To Do…Strange But True

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Recently I read a wonderful post by the Gypsy Mama about the things we must do but HATE doing…you know, things like cleaning the tub and clipping baby nails. She had me rolling by the end, since many of the things that she mentioned are things that I am notorious at our house for avoiding. Her words inspired me as well, because they called to mind a few chores that I actually do not mind doing. In fact, I actually enjoy some of them.

Just as there are things I can’t stand doing, there are things that bring a sort of peace and familiarity into the chaos of life with little ones. Each day brings with it a whole new set of problems to be solved and challenges to be creatively worked around, and having little blips of consistency on the “crazy radar” are truly blessings in disguise.

Here is my list of those “blessings in disguise;” I would love to see what others have to add as well!

  1. Peeling apples for the kids – every time I peel an apple, I think two things: first, I say to myself, “I can’t believe they will not eat the peel! it is the best part for you!” Then I immediately am reminded of what a blessing it is that my kids LIKE fruit and veggies, and I peel away with greater joy.
  2. Picking up toys – yes, it is an aggravation to have to continually pick up after Hurricanes One and Two, but at the same time, there is something strangely relaxing and satisfying about placing like toys into bins, and matching up puzzle and game pieces with their appropriate boxes. Granted, I may be a little strange this way, but for me it is a  tremendous stress reliever to see utter chaos return to an orderly row of toy-filled bins.
  3. Folding laundry – I think it is just the warmth of clothes and sheets fresh from the dryer that makes this task so heavenly. It is so fun to watch the kids help with the folding too; they love putting their daddy’s shirts around them like a cape, or rolling up in the towels like a warm kid-taco; it makes me smile just thinking about it!
  4. Putting jammies on the girls – they seem to be the most hilarious right before bed, and there is nothing funnier than a little one that somehow gets both feet in the same pant leg and then hops around howling with laughter as you try to catch them to fix it.
  5. Dusting – talk about instant gratification! With only one swipe of the cloth you can see a dust-free trail, and when so much about life as a mom seems like an uphill battle with no end in sight, something so little as an immediate result while dusting can be a welcome success!

I hope my list brought a smile to your face; I can’t wait to see what else you have to add!

In Him,


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3 Comments on “Chores I DO Like To Do…Strange But True”

  1. Kesha, The Uncommon Chick

    Yes, you did bring a smile to my face especially since I thought I was the only one who thought this way about Dusting!! LOL

    One of mine is making up beds. I like the clean, crisp feel and smell of new linens and making the bed look pretty. I don’t even wanna lay on it for awhile as to not mess it up ha!

    Happy dusting! 🙂

    from #commenthour

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