DIY Spring Decorating Ideas & Inspirations

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With Spring in full bloom, it may be time to spruce up your home and welcome in a new season with style!  Spring is all about life, energy and vibrant palettes; so why not take a little time to add light, bright accents and colorful patterns to ring in the arrival of Spring at your home.  These do-it-yourself projects are not only simple, they’re also fun for the whole family.  Thanks to the awesome and much-loved Pinterest, we can celebrate Spring with crafts that kids and adults will equally love creating:

[dropcap1 variation=”green”]1[/dropcap1]Pinwheel Garlands
These bright accent pieces can add color and creativity to any room in your house.  Double-sided scrapbooking paper and a centering push-and-fold pin is all you’ll need to create these Springtime favorites.  Attach them to a ribbon with clothespins to hang above a bed or to attach onto photo that you want to spruce up and bring to life.



[dropcap1 variation=”teal”]2[/dropcap1]Rainproof Spring Vase
Spring is the season for rain, but it doesn’t mean your home has to be a gloomy place to live.  Add a little humor and color to your entryway by taking a pair of brightly colored rain boots and filling them with fluorescent or pastel faux flowers!  Tie a ribbon around the boots to add extra color and feel free to change up the flowers as often as you like.



[dropcap1 variation=”red”]3[/dropcap1]Tissue Flowers
While many people think of tissue paper only when it comes to wrapping gifts, the arrival of Spring is a great excuse to incorporate this simple product into your home décor!  Pastel tissue paper can be crunched by hand and tied together at the center to create a tissue flower to adorn your dining room or even a child’s bedroom.  When hung from up above, these easy-to-make and lightweight accents can make you see Spring everywhere you look – from the flowerbed to the ceiling.

Source: via Jodi on Pinterest



[dropcap1 variation=”yellow”]4[/dropcap1]Bringing Birds to the Table
Instead of throwing out that old birdcage sitting in your attic, why not give it a fresh coat of bright paint and use it as your Springtime centerpiece?  Adding a teal, yellow, or pink topcoat to a birdcage and filling it with flowers can add a quick splash of color to your dining room or mantle.

Source: via Linda on Pinterest



[dropcap1 variation=”blue”]5[/dropcap1]Tea Tin Vases
You’ve likely spent the Winter cuddled up with warm cups of tea.  Why not put the tins you’ve collected to use by creating Springtime vases?  Simply add a foam stopper to the interior, followed by a small bouquet of flowers, to transform those tins into a home decorating statement that is perfect for the new season!



[dropcap1 variation=”purple”]6[/dropcap1]Orchid Ladder
If you love orchids, this a unique way to display your Springtime favorite!  Use a variety of canning jars as vases for the flowers and then stack them on the steps of a painted ladder. This could work well for a patio or entryway, or anywhere else in your home that is craving some special Springtime attention.  You’ll love the combination of rustic charm and timeless sophistication!

Source: via Mari on Pinterest



[dropcap1 variation=”green”]7[/dropcap1]Ribbon hooks
Instead of going out and spending money on new curtains this Spring, why not just add a little fun flavor to the curtains you already own?  Replacing old hooks with colorful ribbon is an easy and wallet-friendly way to add some great color to your windows.

Source: via Carolyn on Pinterest



[dropcap1 variation=”hotpink”]8[/dropcap1]Liven Up the Lampshades
Spring is all about light, and what better way to illuminate your home than to give your lampshades a Springtime makeover?  Turn plain lampshades into lively works of art by adding your own color and design by using stamps, stencils, and paint to make a simple shade sparkle!



[dropcap1 variation=”mossgreen”]9[/dropcap1]Butterfly Mobile
Once Spring has arrived, butterflies might also come to mind.  A butterfly mobile will add a touch of whimsy to any room or window.  Simple paper butterfly cutouts can be attached to fishing wire and hung from a knitting frame as a quick and elegant DIY creation.  Use double-sided scrapbook paper to add texture and dimension to your artwork.



[dropcap1 variation=”orange”]10[/dropcap1]Spring Fragrance
With your home now decorated for Spring, the final touch is the addition of a sweet and seasonal scent.  Combine Lemon, Rosemary, and Vanilla in a large pot and allow it to simmer on the stove. Within minutes you’ll have created a lasting Springtime fragrance that will fill your entire home!

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