Equipping Our Children To Love Jesus For A Lifetime

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I saw this short video by Jen Hatmaker over the weekend, and whoah, mommas (and dads) this is a killer video. She says things like:

“If God reigns in my kids’ hearts, I need to worry about nothing else…not their careers, not who they’ll marry…”

And she drops gems like:

“Our goal should be to show our kids a Jesus they can follow for life.”

And then she calls us out in the best way possible, saying:

“This is the best we can do as mothers; raising disciples – and disciples have to be ready to go wherever Jesus sends them.”

Preach it, sister! It is all to easy to get wrapped up in the Pinterest-loving, matching-clothes-wearing, pristine-house-living, best-face-forward parenting lie that surrounds us. The truth is, we have ONE JOB to do. One. To equip our kids for the greatness they were made for.

And make no mistake about it – EVERY child is made specifically and wonderfully and perfectly for a plan only God can see in full until it unfolds throughout the years of that child’s life. The baby we are nursing today…the kindergarteners we are learning with today…the teenagers we are tearfully and prayerfully preparing to launch into the world today….they are not ours. They are God’s. They are GOD’S workmanship, created in Him for GOOD WORKS, which God has prepared for them to do.

It is on us to nurture them and to help the desires and skills and talents and passions that God has planted into their hearts grow as their little minds and bodies grow. The days are long, but the years are so short, dear ones!

With that as our focus, everything else just starts to pale in comparison, doesn’t it? Let’s make time to let our kids be kids; to play freely and laugh wildly and through it all, we can work to find ways to introduce them to a God that loves them just as they are, for He made them that way, and He has amazing plans for their lives.

In Him,


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One Comment on ““Equipping Our Children To Love Jesus For A Lifetime”

  1. Mary Raymond

    Oh, to learn these truths while your children are still so young. What a wonderful blessing. Go, Jen and Derrick!
    Love, Grandma Mary xoxoxo

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