Hawt Dog

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Yesterday, during a mad dash to get donuts the littles and I stumbled upon the beloved Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobil. For a chatty and imaginative five-year-old it’s hard to describe the joy that a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels can produce, but friends it was off the charts. Alana could barely breathe as she smiled, giggled, and shook with wonderment. When the hotdogger placed the weenie whistle in her giddy palm, I thought she might burst.

After the Wiener Mobil rush, we trotted off to claim our donuts and I stopped to chat with a gentleman in his late 60’s who was waiting for his bread to be sliced. He too was enthralled by the Wiener Mobil and had the same twinkle in his eye as my sweet daughter. With a big grin he began to share how the last time he saw the Wiener Mobil he was 7 years old, and seeing it again today was such a happy surprise.

With all that is going on in this crazy world right now, I know that it seems so trite to blog about an encounter with a giant hot-dog car. If anything though, the experience was inspiring to me. I found a fresh perspective as I watched a roadside wonder bring joy to a little girl and an old man. I watched very different people come together and laugh as everything faded into the beauty of a single moment.

Those are the moments we have to hold onto when the planet pulses with violence, loss, raging politics, and pain.

We have to cherish the moments that bring us closer together instead of the things that drive us further apart.

So we start small. We grab our one wild and precious life and we live it well. We look inside and start with ourselves.

When I look at the heart and life of Jesus I see such a tender example of what it means to live with relentless compassion.

That is our touchstone in a changing world.

Where can we bring our kindness?

What spaces can we flood with joy?

Where can we show love to someone who feels undeserving?

Where can we break down a wall or install a gate?

So get on out there and don’t be afraid to toot your weenie whistle! Whisper seeds of hope into the achy hearts you meet this day. Start with the next kind thing and refuse to believe any act is too small. You never know what might be around the corner—perhaps the Wiener Mobil.



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One Comment on ““Hawt Dog”

  1. Shannon Mather

    This is FANTASTIC Sweetheart!!! Your little Alana was breathless as she shouted into the phone,”YaYa, I’ve seen the BIGGEST Weiner in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!” It was like she had witnessed a live dinasour!!!
    God bless her & Torrey & the wonderment of childhood…hang on to it😍💖🙏🏽‼️ Gramma YaYa

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