What Heights of Love, What Depths of Peace

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Recently I have been listening to a fantastic group called King’s Kaleidoscope. They. Are. Awesome. They have many songs, but my favorite album right now is “Asaph’s Arrows.” It is chock full of old hymns beautifully and powerfully redone…if you haven’t heard this band, get thee to your computer and LISTEN!

Anyway, one of the songs I have been listening to on repeat for weeks is “In Christ Alone.” You know – that old Sunday School song that you probably have forgotten all about but I promise you, you will remember it the moment the opening chords hit your ears.

The words that get me every time are:

What Heights of Love, What Depths of Peace – When Fears Are Stilled And Strivings Cease…Here in The Love of Christ I Stand.

Wow. Just wow.

I need love. I need peace. How do I get them? By stilling my crazy self and stopping all my crazy striving. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do anything, but it DOES mean that I should not get freaked out every time something doesn’t go as planned. I don’t have to create my own false sense of peace or security – it is right there waiting for me to take a deep breath and ACCEPT it.

I encourage you to find time to be still today…to take a deep breath, to relax to bake bread, to go outside, to drink coffee…to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD.

In Him,


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2 Comments on “What Heights of Love, What Depths of Peace”

  1. Shannon "Sam" Mather

    Sweet Jen-If you only knew how these beautiful words of yours “hit home” for Asha & I today…! She & little Lulu are flying to us this minute & it’s been quite a journey these last few days. But God is ALWAYS good. Thank you for your anointed words! HUGS & LOVE-Aunty Sam

  2. Mary Raymond

    Great song and great insight, Jen. Even at our advanced age, we still need to be reminded!

    Love you!
    GG Mary

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