How to Make the Most of an At-Home Fitness Routine

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At-Home Fitness Routine

Ask moms anywhere about exercise and motherhood, and you’ll probably hear an overpowering and eternally resounding answer of, “What exercise?”

Being a mom and finding time to hit the gym can seem impossible.  Those hours you once spent lifting and toning may seem to be a lifetime away from your present maternal lifestyle.  Even at-home videos can seem daunting when you’re asked to find an hour to spare in an already packed schedule.

The best advice we have for our readers is not to despair. Just because you’re not able to jump on the treadmill 7 days a week doesn’t mean you can’t be a shaped-up mama with muscle to spare!  Here are some of our personal recommendations for at-home fitness videos for moms in all stages of motherhood.

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Prenatal pause for fitness

Denise Austen has been on the fitness market for years, and she just seems to get better with time. Her video titled Fit & Firm Pregnancy is broken up into three 20-minute long segments that take you from the first trimester through the last; the video even has a post-baby workout for tummy tightening. Even if you weren’t an exercise maven before your pregnancy, this video is a great place to start. It’s quick and easy, and you can use it long after baby arrives too.

Zumba Fitness for mom’s on the go

Zumba Fitness Exhilarate is rather new to the market, but it’s taken the fitness world by storm because it’s not only versatile, it’s fun too! Based on core dance movements from around the world, Zumba adds a Latin flare to global cultures and makes you sweat in the process. This complete fitness pack for home use includes a 20-minute rush workout alongside step-by-step teaching DVD’s and hour-long concert dance-alongs. Choose the work out that fits your schedule and Zumba your way to fit mommy hood. We have tried Zumba both at the gym and at home with a video; since the videos are so easy to follow, it is a great alternative to sweating it out at your local workout hotspot.

When you’re looking to relax

Most moms would agree that being a parent can be stressful. There are times when you just need to clear your mind and relax, but can’t necessarily get away to do just that. Yoga is a great option when you want to incorporate moderate exercise with intense relaxation. Me and Mom Yoga is a video option for finding a little calm while spending time with the kids.  Exercising together is not only healthy for you, but it sets an example for your kids that they’ll learn to love at your side.

Exercise and infant care

If your children are still in diapers, this may be the perfect workout video for you and your bundle of joy. Mom and Baby Fitness can be done in one sitting or you can split up into 3 mini workouts depending how long baby’s attention can be held or the amount of free time you have in the day.  The video incorporates yoga, Pilates and baby massage to help relax and calm even the fussiest infant.  A happy baby means and happy mom and this video gives both of you a chance to feel fantastic.

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