Jars of Clay

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Sometimes I joke that I should have been born at a different time. I find the 1912 gowns of Downton Abbey, beyond beautiful, but I also love the rush of the roaring 20’s flappers and all that jazz. On the same note, I am not a fan of being cold or chamber pots—so the jury is still out on whether I was really destined for another era.

Do you ever feel like that?

Why here? Why now?

Last week I went to Costco and shamelessly had a cart full of: coffee, cheese, and wine. I kid you not, I was that ‘lady’ at Costco. Seriously though, it’s fondue season and I would say during the cold portion of the year, Stu and I consume fondue on a bi-weekly basis—which probably explains why people keep asking me if I am still pregnant. #forthelove

You guys, even the cheese at Costco wants to be friended on fb! What is the world coming to! I was standing there in the middle of the cheese aisle half laughing/half crying, because we live in such a strange world. Unspeakable things are happening every single day and, yet the cheese at Costco wants to be ‘liked’ on fb.



Lately, I’ve had to get quiet. Even around my sweet husband, who some nights watches me fall asleep by 8pm. Life is so noisy and for some of us the silence is scary. I think there is a beauty in the quiet. If I wasn’t still, I’d never hear these glorious noises:

The sound of that one place in your kitchen that always squeaks a bit.

The hum of my babies breathing.

The piercing whistle of my tea kettle.

The flickering snap of a warm fire.

It doesn’t really matter what time or place I think I should be living in. We can’t go back, we can’t rush forward, all we have is now. So our job is to own the moment and live fully alive in it.

It’s not easy though. I hear so many stories of dear ones wanting to surge forward past heartache or pining deeply for the way that things ‘once’ were.

Our lives will have a highlight reel, it’s only normal. You might want every moment of your life to be worthy of a Christmas card, but my friend, let me remind you: that isn’t real.

Stuart is an extremely talented photographer and I say that with completely no form of bias. Hahaha. (blush) The ‘money shot’ doesn’t typically just happen. Even with our family Stu will take so many duplicates. We’ll just be grateful to scrape one shot together where the whole tribe have their eyes open and no one is excessively drooling or crying.

Every moment is not meant to be showcase worthy. I’ve been finding that often the common moments hold the most beauty.


If you only look at us, you might well miss the brightness. We carry this precious Message around in the unadorned clay pots of our ordinary lives. That’s to prevent anyone from confusing God’s incomparable power with us.
2 Corinthians 4:7

Does that not stir your soul? Our common lives are rich with deep treasure. We carry a precious message that will never wear out—it’s timeless.

This is how we reset. This is how we detach from all the ‘doing’ and rest in simply ‘being’ present.

We remember we are treasures, each soul, each face…they have a story and a name.

So learn some new names and learn some new stories. Find gems in the lives of those around you.


Here are a few everyday moments from our life that bring me great joy. No filters people…just us.

Matching the dog food bag–woot!


Sleepy angel babes!



So take these little ordinary moments, string them together, and hold them close. Just remember, the everyday is what makes the highlight reel stand out. These little pockets of joy all drive us towards the time bending moments–the places where heaven meets earth.


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One Comment on ““Jars of Clay”

  1. Shannon "Sam" Mather

    The precious “present” of our “being
    present” … that is a HUGE statement‼️ And is very SCARRY for some dear ones-it is easier to be the “doer”…! Your words are beautiful & truly hit my heart/soul/mind‼️ You will always be my gift from God-😘💖💞🙏🏽🌺‼️ Momma

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