Love Story

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Have you ever noticed how we encapsulate our day by how much we have accomplished? I think this especially rings true for women! We tend to press our backs tight against the measuring stick of duty and that’s great for our to-do list, but not always so great for our soul. I know that a certain number of things throughout the day, simply ‘must get done’. I understand that it sometimes feels so good to just check one thing off our lists, but my heart aches for women to call me up and be real. I long for conversations filled less with list and more with spirit. Why do we so readily share the short-comings of our lives?

We all have laundry.

We all have that ‘thing’ we have been intending to do, but never seem to fully accomplish.

We all have letters to send.

We all have bills to pay.

We all have phone calls to return.

It’s just, I have this nagging feeling…what if we turned it all upside-down?

What if we rushed to call our Bestie, to say, “I burned dinner, but guess what, I sang my girls to sleep tonight!”

What if we turned off our phones and really listened to the kind of day our spouse faced and prayed that the next day would be better.

What would happen?

I think that our list would change. I think our priorities would shift. I think the urgent would shrink behind the beauty of important.

My goal this week is to call up my people and brag about the real stuff!

I want to share about the things in life that make us brave and honest.

Who cares if we can keep all the plates spinning and lose what makes our heart beat in the process. So the next time someone asks you, “How are you?” I dare you. Tell them how you really feel!

I’ve seen so much bravery this week, I could burst.

One of my friends took a blood test that could change her life.

My Mom visited a doctor when the last thing she wanted to do was discuss her ‘pre-existing conditions.’

There are people in my circle that have moved states, started new medications, contemplated leaving jobs, stepped into new jobs, said goodbye to family pets, fought for their kids in spite of a professional diagnosis…and the list goes on.

Life is gritty and it means nothing unless we are willing to embrace the glory. God is doing something. He is moving in the hearts of people and awakening a need that I can’t even explain. I just pray that I can be a part of His story, because I believe it! I love the way this story ends and I know that if you really step into freedom, it looks nothing like a checked-off list and more like a rowdy love story. The kind that keeps you up at night, because you just can’t get enough.


xo- Asha

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One Comment on ““Love Story”

  1. Shannon "Sam" Mather

    Life IS gritty & sometimes it IS a little “SCARRY” but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep walking in our faith…! You ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you, Sweetheart for using the music of your words to sing to our hearts!!!! I LOVE YOU…Momma

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