Making the Most Out of Your Day

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While we do not usually reference secular articles or authors on our blog, this article on making the most out of your mornings is just too good to pass up. We all want a little more time in our days, but for many moms  – especially those that are still waking up at night with young children – mornings can often turn into frenzied scrambles to get kids fed, perhaps squeeze in a shower in-between morning naptimes, and (ideally) maybe even throw on a quick coat of mascara before heading out to do errands.

While I know that, for me, doing all that this author recommends is not something I am able (or willing) to do, I will say that I plan to start implementing #4 right away (now you HAVE to read the article so you know what I am talking about, haha). My weakness is having big drams and goals and then getting down on myself when I try to implement EVERYTHING all at once and then fail in epic fashion.

I hope that today – and every day – you find little moments to rest and reclaim your day.

In Him,


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