May 1st – Question of the Day (QOTD)

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May has arrived, bringing with it – at least for us – green grass, blue skies, impromptu rain storms, and lots of sunshine. Asha and I are so excited about our QOTD May plans; we hope that it becomes a really great time to get to know our readers better and to develop great relationships with other moms (and dads) within the blogging community.

On to the details – each day we will be posting a new question; at the end of each week, we will conduct a random drawing from all of the QOTD comments from that week and will select three prize winners! Prizes will be different all month, so be sure to check in each day so you don;t miss out on any of the fun.

If you happen to miss some days, feel free to go back and post comments on previous questions from the week, as we will not be doing the drawings for the week until the following Monday (i.e. the drawing for this week’s prize winners will be on May 7th).

So what, you ask, is this week’s prize and what is today’s QOTD? Three lucky winners from this week will receive  the newly released New Life CD featuring the handwritten and self-sung hits of an amazingly talented new Christian indie singer/songwriter.

NOW on to the QOTD; let’s start off with something light and easy to kick this month off: What is your go-to pick-me-up in the mornings? 5 minutes in the Word? A latte? A favorite morning news show? We can’t wait to hear! While we have many pick-me-ups, there is nothing like a good laugh or a big smile to start the day out right – hopefully the photo we chose for this post helps you do just that 🙂

In Him,

Jennah and Asha

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2 Comments on “May 1st – Question of the Day (QOTD)”

  1. GG Mary

    My favorite pick-me-up for the day is reading from “God’s Minute – A Book of 365 Daily Prayers Sixty Seconds Long for Home Worship.” This little treasure was originally published in 1916 and my copy is from 1923 so it is in that wonderful old English. I start my daily devotions with it and it encourages me every time I read from it.

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