May 9th – QOTD

OnlyTrueNorthQOTD May 20121 Comment

Today’s question is about things that drive you crazy. It makes me crazy when people drive 20 under the speed limit on the highway. A double make-me-crazy bonus for when someone in both lanes is doing it. What about you? Is it the barista that is 15 years younger than you but calls you “honey?” Is it a rogue bird waking you up early in the morning? Looking forward to hearing all about it! And – to fight against the stress, the picture I chose for this post is one of peace and tranquility: a fence in Springtime. 🙂 Enjoy!

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One Comment on ““May 9th – QOTD”

  1. GG Mary

    My number one pet peeve imay be silly, but it drives me nuts! What’s up with people who leave their shopping cart in the middle of the lot? I know it probably seems petty if you’re also trying to chase little ones and get them safely into the car, but usually there are parking spots close to where the carts are meant to go and the stray ones left out are a danger to both cars and people.

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