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Today I washed clothes. Smelly clothes. For the fourth time this week. Did I mention it is the same load of clothes? And that they are smelly because I keep forgetting to take them out of the washer and put them in the dryer like a sane, non-sleep deprived person would be able to manage without difficulty? Yeah…this is life. The real, unabridged, messy and often smelly truth about life with three kids ages five and under. Oh, and two dogs…they definitely add to the messy and smelly part of life too.

For those of you that may think, “oh, a laundry room back-up is no serious issue,” let me paint the bigger picture for you. A picture of counters cluttered with washed but not-yet-put-away dishes. Of bathroom garbage cans overflowing and climbing the walls because I can never seem to remember that they too need emptying. Of half-full coffee mugs on literally every flat surface in my home because heaven forbid mommy actually gets to finish a whole cup. While it is hot. And still delicious.

Life, my mommy friends: it can weigh us down with all of its must-do’s and emergencies and toddler tantrums and big-kid tears. It can also lift us up with unexpected sticky hugs and babies that – blessedly – sleep through the night and brief moments of cooperative playtime bliss among siblings.

At the end of each day – even when the bad and stressful outweighs the good and restful by many, many tired moons, let us remember that each new day brings a new start…and with it, renewed energy even though it may be fleeting.

In Him,


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