My Bookshelf

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Sometimes my bookshelf is a lonely place for me. I glance over at it and the books on the shelf seem to glare back at me as a strong reminder of things I once loved. If you saw it, you’d find: travel guides, poetry anthologies, art reviews, classic novels, and a collection of random commentaries. The truth is, these books don’t only reflect things I ‘once’ loved, they remind me of things I still love, but instead the spines read: Things You Don’t Have Time For.


It’s true, I don’t have much time for the things I once enjoyed, but in a strange way, motherhood slows you down. You become an awkward slave to care-giving and it’s better than it sounds. I mean if you had anything to give, why not CARE? To be the guardian of a tiny heart. To spend your days safekeeping a little soul. This is beautiful! Some nights, I miss cooking a laborious meal just for the sake of experimenting, and sometimes I long to board a plane with no particular destination in mind. I think we all ache for adventure. It seems though, when I finally sit silent, I remember the real ache within us all: to create. In creating, we point to the Creator. We see something greater. We find a garden in a vase, a lost story in a photograph, a hidden longing in an antique locket. These little discoveries not only change our day, but they change our perspective. What kind of treasures are resting all around you? What little pieces point to deeper longings? I think if you really look, you might be surprised to find that those things that you really ‘don’t have time for’ are already taking hold of you.


So go be brave. See something bigger in the ordinary. See something beautiful in the mess.


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