On Building A Website…And Other Things I Really Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Do

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You guys.

I built a website.

Like built a website. With my own hands. 

Ok, so in all reality my hubby “built” the site and I just messed around with it a bit, but still. Technicalities, ya know?

Here’s some thoughts I have after working on said website:

  1. It’s hard. Like, really hard. Words were said along the way, I’m not gonna lie. More than twice I turned to the hubs and asked “how in the world do you do this all day without losing your ish?” His response – deadpan stare; smirk; return to his work. To all web people out there, I offer my humblest apologies for ever downplaying your efforts (“Gosh, it’s just a WordPress theme, after all”). You people are rockstars, what with your brackets and h2 tags and ever-loving patience. Bless you all.
  2. It is strangely gratifying to see what is in your head turn into a tangible thing that other people can interact with online. Technology really is amazing, and so is the creativity that it can support and make possible. (To be clear, I am not talking about my creativity here folks…other people’s creativity. Other people’s. Never ever ask me to come up with something clever and unique for something like a website. It will epically disappoint. I am ok with this flaw…this is why I married a designer/developer, you see.)
  3. It takes a long time to do it right. Patience is not my strong suit, so this part was a hard lesson to learn. Reeeeaaaallllyyyyyyyy hard.
  4. I should never be allowed to have that kind of control over something technological. So many ways it can go wrong and really no way it can go right, you know?

In addition to my thoughts on the website and my participation in bringing it to its glorious fruition, I conjured up a few other thoughts. I present to you 4 things I should also not be allowed to do:

1. Build a fire pit.

(We built one this summer…I use “we” pretty loosely here. Essentially I threw dirt around and pointed a lot. Were it up to me, the fire pit would look like this


and not like this (hubby did a pretty epic job, if you ask me).

fire pit


2. Make life decisions when my best friend is pregnant.

Right before Asha had her little boy last month I got all nesty and mothery and decided we needed a dog. Since the 2 dogs and 3 kids we have already aren’t enough, don’t you know. But, we be crazy. So we got the dog. I regret nothing. Meet Lola:


(Yes…those are 2 of my kids in the background totally covered in mud. This leads me to point #3)


3. Be responsible for outdoor cleanliness.

Because mud. And giggles. And 3 kids that super enjoy to get dirty. I just can’t say no…MUD IS FUN!

mud fun


4. Build stuff requiring tools of any kind.

I have a “dive-right-in-it-will-all-work-out” mentality, which can be awesome and also not so awesome, depending on both the desired outcome of the project and the required safety and precision of said project. For example, when we decided to paint our bedroom and have a good friend create a custom plaster accent wall for us, I may or may not have grabbed a crow bar or something similar and begun prying off all of the baseboard. I then may have also thrown that baseboard off of our balcony and into the backyard. Hubby’s face when he walked in on that: priceless. Hey – if they can do it on Extreme Home Makeovers, why can’t I?

bedroom wall

(Note – I also should not be in charge of remembering to buy kleenex…because I always forget and we have to use toilet paper or paper towels. I am so sorry everyone in my house that is suffering from allergies and has to also suffer through using abrasive paper products to deal with those allergies. I promise to go to the store tomorrow.)


So, dear ones, there you have it. The list of things I really shouldn’t be allowed to do is a lot longer, but I decided to call it quits because, well, the lake is calling and I am about to pack up all of my crazy (dogs included) and head to the beach (Maybe I could list that as #5…”I should not be allowed to take a circus to the beach”), lol.

I am curious – what would be on your list? I’d love to hear!

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One Comment on ““On Building A Website…And Other Things I Really Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Do”

  1. Shannon "Sam" Mather

    Sweet Jennah, you are the BEST‼️ I laughed SO HARD…MUD IS FUN I’m going out to find some…God bless-Aunty Sam

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