OTN Mugs Have Landed!

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YOU GUYS! It’s official: the OTN mugs arrived at my door today and pre-orders are shipping out this week! Asha and I are stoked beyond belief about these adorable coffee (or tea or water or whatever) containers! As you can tell from my pitiful attempt to channel Vanna White (above), I really should’t be allowed to open boxes of exciting things because I start doing things like stacking them in pyramids or pretending I’m on a TV game show…the excitement is apparently just too much for my fragile maturity to handle.

But I mean, come on – how cute are these?!

(and my little mug model is pretty darn adorable too, if you ask me) 😉


After the dust of opening the boxes and separating out the pre-ordered mugs settled, it turns out we only have 30 of these left and available for sale, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so if you were hoping to snag one or two or five, now is your chance! You can purchase them on our new online shop page here (thanks hubby for getting that page up for your embarrassingly non-tech wifey!).

(Stay tuned…we will be adding more OTN swag in the weeks to come) 😉

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2 Comments on “OTN Mugs Have Landed!”

  1. G,ma Betty

    So excited for the mugs to come. They are awesome, surpassed only by the beauty displaying them. It is Great Granddaughter Jaylin, and she is about to have a big birthday celebration. You are so precious Jaylin, G’ma Bettty is sending you loves.

  2. Shannon "Sam" Mather


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