You guys – literally nothing here at Only True North would be possible without the expertise and advice and tools and encouragement from some awesome behind the scenes people and companies. We would be crying crocodile tears and typing on broken keyboards and posting to a 50 million-year-old website if not for these folks. Seriously.


Pixabay is a free photo website with loads and loads of awesome images. We couldn’t make pretty things online without pretty photos to go along with everything, and this site is one of our lifelines.



Stuart Grinnell Photography is another one of our go-to photo resources. Oh, and he’s Asha’s hubby, which means he is our photography slave, poor man.



Mitchell’s Garage is the company that makes our website look good. Jennah’s hubby owns the company and without his web know-how we’d be totally and un-salvageably lost.



Oh Starbucks, how we love thee. With your sweet delicacies and caffeinated beverages, you, oh Starbucks, are our creative muse and we neeeeeeed you.