Precious Moments

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I looked around my condo this morning, and felt as if my whole body sighed with me. A laundry basket waits for me brimming full. There are shoes scattered by the door in a heap, a pile of boxes that desperately need to make their way to the recycling, and a giant stuffed animal soaked in sour formula. It’s hard to know where to start sometimes. I know the sheets need to be changed, so I stuff them into the washer, hoping that I will remember to put them into the dryer later—no guarantees. My day usually looks like this. Despite all my efforts for order, the place usually resembles an upscale Value Village. In my dreams, my husband will walk through the door, smelling the aroma of a tasty, well-planned dinner, toys will be picked up, and the home will all but sing my praises, as the faucets sparkle and the décor wows. The truth is, the only thing I can promise is that my dog’s tail will wag when Stu’s car pulls up and my daughter will squeal when she sees her daddy through the window and me…well I hope to our sweet Lord in heaven that I will have made it out of my sweatpants!


Sometimes we just have to keep trying. Call again, when you feel like hanging up. Remember why you fell in-love. Throw away that darn pile of stray socks, I’m here to tell you the long-lost-pair will never be found. Fold some of the laundry, or lay in it while it’s still warm and pray for someone you care about. Make the most of these moments. That’s all I really know how to do.


xo- Asha

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