Questions..So Many Questions

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1. Why do kids have fun-dar at the worst times (also known as “we-were-sleeping-but-sensed-that-mom-and-dad-were-going-to-watch-a-movie-or-going-to-have-a-date-night radar)?

2. Why are rice and banana so difficult to clean up once tossed from a high chair?

3. Why do kids always get sick before something big or wonderful is supposed to take place?

4. Why is it called the “post-baby” body?…I believe “post-war” is more appropriate

5. Why do kids eat something one day, proclaim it delicious, and then refuse to eat it again for weeks?

6. Why is it that I am so tired when it is my night to be up with the baby but so dreadfully awake when it is my turn to sleep?

7. Why is it that before kids I could drink a cup of coffee in an hour, and now it can take me all day to get around to it?…and to be honest, I think I need the caffeine more now than ever before.

8. Why are magazine meal plans never mommy (or toddler) friendly? (Cous Cous and Parmesan Basil Eggplant for dinner, kids?)

9. Why do babies always spit-up on nice clothes?

10. Why is it so easy for kids to wet the bed but so difficult for them to figure out how to poop in the toilet?

11. Why can I never remember to pack wipes in the diaper bag…and why do babies ALWAYS poo in the car?

12. Why are kids the cutest when they are the most in trouble?

What are your questions?

In Him,

Jennah and Asha

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