Rainy Day Relief With A Painted Umbrella!

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Painted Umbrella

We know most moms are pretty good at being creative when it comes to entertaining their kids, but even the best of us can use a little inspiration on a rainy day. When the drops come down, kids have a tendency to become restless and they usually look to us for a distraction. If you are getting tired of the same old go-to craft ideas, it may be time to give something new a try.

When it comes to home crafts for all ages, Martha Stewart is the reigning Queen of the creative. Fortunately, she doesn’t let us down when it comes to finding a way to outsmart a rainy day with our children. Her idea for creating children’s painted umbrellas was too cute and convenient to pass up, so we decided to spread the word!

A painted umbrella is not only a great outlet for creativity if the kids have to be cooped up for a while, but it’s also a smart art. Why not let your kids work on a craft they can actually carry around and proudly display on the next rainy day? When our at-home crafts achieve entertainment and purpose, than we know we’ve hit the home-activity jack pot.

This craft in particular is very simple to produce, doesn’t require much clean up, and is extremely reasonably priced. It requires only a child-sized nylon umbrella, waterproof paint for decorating, and some newspaper for protecting your workspace. Make sure to cover the area where you’ll be painting with newspaper to avoid spills and splashes. Once you’re set up, simply open the umbrellas, give the children the waterproof paint or pens, and let them go to work!  From simple shapes to artistic masterpiece, these umbrellas will be bold and beautiful representations of your child’s creative imagination.

One word of caution: Be sure to let the umbrellas dry overnight before you take them out for a spin around town. Waterproof paint isn’t truly waterproof unless it is completely dry, so put your newly painted parasols somewhere safe and out of the way for 24 hours after decorating them to ensure that the works of art they are displaying remain beautiful throughout the rainy season. 

Visit http://www.marthastewart.com/269414/painted-umbrella to follow Martha’s step-by-step directions and to see an example of this unique and fun rainy day craft for you and your kids!

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