Real Life


Alana and I just got back from a play-date with one of her little buddies and can I just say there was anything but ‘playing’ going on. Maybe as caregivers to tiny-needy-humans we should all just band together and call play-dates, what they really are: Insanity 101. And if we are being REALLY honest, then we should all just admit that parenting is that class you take and fail and re-take and fail and keep taking until you die.


So, I finally get the princess home and logically I assume she would be exhausted from just spending the greater part of two hours running around my friend’s backyard stark naked. But. No.


After an endless stream of songs, stories, prayers, and kisses…she finally nods off. The seasoned Insanity 101 student that I am, I plopped on the couch for some much needed quiet time, when some stupid car alarm starts going off. AND IT LASTS FOREVER. My blood boils and I can’t even begin to describe the angry post it notes I was writing in my head. Then suddenly, phew! It stops. But. As soon as it stops, it magically comes right back on. I can already picture this moron, sitting in their car, trying to stop the alarm, while embarrassingly fidgeting with through their purse with a dopey smile. Not that I would know ANY of that from experience. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! There will be blood if this person doesn’t get it together, because my child is finally sleeping! And every parent knows how sacred nap time is! So, I slowly open Alana’s door to see if she is miraculously dozing through the chaos. I mean the car alarm has been going off for a good ten minutes now, people!


I peer around the corner, and there she sits: my darling daughter, with my car keys in her squishy little hand. Scared to death from the car alarm, that she keeps setting off!



So basically I’m soliciting donations for her future therapy. TGIF, my friends, TGIF!


Let’s just be real and admit that some days look like this:  IMG_20130801_121654





And some days look like this:




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