A Rearview Approach to Forward-Thinking Faith

OnlyTrueNorthInsights, Jennah

I have been keeping a journal of memorable things that happen each day – just a few lines that I can look back on and that will help remind me of what has passed. It is crazy how many times God has come through for us in a big way…whether in finances or in other answered prayers.

It makes me think about the power of perspective. if when things got hard I got excited, wondering what God was going to do to come through this time, instead of just fretting the days away? I am going to do my best to consciously have that mindset more. If I truly believe that I am doing what God has called me to, then I should be able to let Him take the reigns more and more without feeling the need to be in control all the time.

Like looking in the rearview mirror, it is always easier to have hindsight than to look to the future and have faith – but that is what we are called to do, as hard as it may be.

What do you think?

In Him,


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