Silent Night

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As much as I wish that I could say that my Christmas season centers around peace and thanksgiving, the truth is, those are the things I have to fight for! It’s that time of year when schedules seem packed, the to-do-list seems longer, and most evenings seem anything but calm and bright. In my heart I know it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but most days it takes more than a cheery song or red Starbucks cup to remind me.

I love Christmas! I truly love every single piece of it. The music never annoys me. I could visit the live nativity every day and still enjoy it. Christmas lights, snow globes, candy canes, tinsel, peppermint bark, mistletoe—I get excited about it all! My heart bursts knowing that behind all the fanfare and decorations, rests our treasure—a baby who changes everything.

If there is anything my 4 year-old daughter can get her head around, it’s a birthday party. When I see her eyes glaze over at the twinkling lights or get lost in the beauty of an over-sized sparkly tree, I gently remind her that this is all just part of the birthday party for baby Jesus.

If there is anything we as mothers can get our head around, it’s that we don’t even have to imagine the way a baby changes life. We experience it every day! When a newborn arrives, our schedules change, our priorities shift and all our energies begin to focus in on the precious new life we hold.

My prayer through Christmas and on into the New Year, is that we would be awakened once again by the Christmas story. As Mothers constantly altering to accommodate our families, I pray that we would also leave room in our hearts to be invaded and changed. That somehow underneath the rushing, the financial strain, the traveling, the shopping, the hosting, the playing, that we would be reminded of the love of our King Jesus. He is our silent night. He is our peace. Let’s get lost in this joy and bravely carry it all year long.

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