What Heights of Love, What Depths of Peace

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Recently I have been listening to a fantastic group called King’s Kaleidoscope. They. Are. Awesome. They have many songs, but my favorite album right now is “Asaph’s Arrows.” It is chock full of old hymns beautifully and powerfully redone…if you haven’t heard this band, get thee to your computer and LISTEN! Anyway, one of the songs I have been listening … Read More

When You’re Feeling Small

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You know the feeling… dishes piled high and no break in sight. I’ve been there. Sometimes it feels like you’re Alice in Wonderland, and you’ve just sampled the shrinking potion and find yourself growing smaller and smaller while life’s problems and unknowns and monotony grow larger and larger. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I love how Psalm 46 addresses the feelings … Read More

The Monotony Of Our Days

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Do you ever feel like you are living in a bad remake of Groundhog’s Day? Getting out of bed day after day just to do the same things you have done for weeks on end? Parenting can do that to you. It can lull you to sleep with the monotony of each day, and if we aren’t careful, we can … Read More

When Moms Are Called to Fight

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I, by nature, am a “lover,” not a fighter. Conflict is not my MO, and I would rather take a backseat so that peace can reign. Normally, this works out just fine. Playdates go off without a hitch, even amid somewhat different parenting philosophies. I am able to overlook little annoyances in favor of maintaining the “greater good.” I am able … Read More

Mommy Energy Found Here

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Today I washed clothes. Smelly clothes. For the fourth time this week. Did I mention it is the same load of clothes? And that they are smelly because I keep forgetting to take them out of the washer and put them in the dryer like a sane, non-sleep deprived person would be able to manage without difficulty? Yeah…this is life. … Read More

7 Ways Parenthood Has Wrecked Me

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I say ‘wrecked’, because sometimes it’s okay to be wrecked by something. It simply means you can never go back to the way things were before. I wish I had a dime for every time someone told me, “Becoming a parent will change your life forever!” It’s true though. It is just one of those cliché things that you have … Read More

Wait for Him

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I can’t believe Monday has rolled around already. I didn’t feel ready. Sometimes I think there is more Jesus in Mumford & Sons than a roaring sermon. This morning I listen. Maybe I can do today. Maybe we all can. Wait for Him. I don’t care how long it takes. Just wait, then get up, and keep going.   Now … Read More

Encouragement for Single Moms

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This past weekend my sweet hubby was out on the Olympic Peninsula backpacking with some buddies. I encouraged him to go because I love his wild heart. He really needed some time away, and I am a firm believer in plunging straight into adventure.   That being said, I was a single mother through the weekend. Though my glimpse into … Read More

Reflections on Parenting a Preemie

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I wrote this for Parents of Preemie Day, but I thought it was worth sharing again. Do you relate? What keeps you looking forward, what draws you back? Yesterday was, Parents of Preemies Day: a day of celebration, of miracles, of grace. It’s also a day that comes with a bittersweet tinge, because no matter how incredibly blessed you might … Read More

Here’s to You

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Somewhere between getting back from a trip to Seattle Children’s Hospital and the hubs throwing his back out and a busy Easter weekend, we had one of THOSE nights. You know…the kind of night where the entire forces of darkness are out to get you, and your own kiddos seem to have turned against you even in their sleep. The … Read More