What NOT to say to a preemie parent

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When I first sat down to write this post, I planned to write a concise list of things you should NOT say to the parents of a preemie. That would certainly be a heated topic and one that I can greatly relate to, but seriously…it isn’t about what shouldn’t be said. People are people and they will always say awkward … Read More

Single Parenting-Resources For Support and Encouragement

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Single Parent Resources for Support & Encouragement

Mothers and fathers become single parents for many reasons. Sometimes it is a choice, but for others it’s simply the cards life has dealt them. Whatever the reasons behind the reality, being a single parent is both a gift and an obstacle course. Instead of two people taking on the responsibility of raising a child, one parent has to become … Read More

7 Ways To Beat The Post-Baby Blues

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Post Baby Blues

While it may not be pleasant to discuss, most parents recognize the post-baby blues when they either see it or feel it.  Experiencing a decline in energy, happiness, and motivation is a normal occurrence shortly after giving birth. Often due to severe changes in hormones, the baby blues may be difficult, but fortunately, they are not impossible to beat. Outside of … Read More

5 Ways To Encourage A Single Mom

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Ways to Encourage Single Moms

Every mother out there knows that raising a child is both a beautiful and challenging experience.  Every single mom out there knows that those challenging aspects of motherhood can be taken to a whole new level when you’re trying to do it all on your own. Without another set of hands available, even simple tasks involved in raising a child can seem overwhelming. … Read More