When Moms Are Called to Fight

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I, by nature, am a “lover,” not a fighter. Conflict is not my MO, and I would rather take a backseat so that peace can reign. Normally, this works out just fine. Playdates go off without a hitch, even amid somewhat different parenting philosophies. I am able to overlook little annoyances in favor of maintaining the “greater good.” I am able … Read More

A Rearview Approach to Forward-Thinking Faith

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I have been keeping a journal of memorable things that happen each day – just a few lines that I can look back on and that will help remind me of what has passed. It is crazy how many times God has come through for us in a big way…whether in finances or in other answered prayers. It makes me … Read More

Mommy Energy Found Here

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Today I washed clothes. Smelly clothes. For the fourth time this week. Did I mention it is the same load of clothes? And that they are smelly because I keep forgetting to take them out of the washer and put them in the dryer like a sane, non-sleep deprived person would be able to manage without difficulty? Yeah…this is life. … Read More

Thanks Mom!

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As Mother’s Day draws near, I am faced with the yearly process of buying cards, gifts, and flowers for the mommas and grammas in my life, and also of receiving wonderful wishes and love-filled gestures of my own. Do you ever wonder how in the world you are going to condense a world of thoughts and emotions into a card … Read More

Encouragement for Single Moms

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This past weekend my sweet hubby was out on the Olympic Peninsula backpacking with some buddies. I encouraged him to go because I love his wild heart. He really needed some time away, and I am a firm believer in plunging straight into adventure.   That being said, I was a single mother through the weekend. Though my glimpse into … Read More

And the winner is…

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The day is finally here! We have waited for months to know if baby number three is going to be blue or pink, and the wait is over! Drumroll please… Baby number three is going to be a girl!                 We are so excited; even more so because from all the checking that … Read More

Here’s to You

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Somewhere between getting back from a trip to Seattle Children’s Hospital and the hubs throwing his back out and a busy Easter weekend, we had one of THOSE nights. You know…the kind of night where the entire forces of darkness are out to get you, and your own kiddos seem to have turned against you even in their sleep. The … Read More

Trinkets & Treasure

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Last week, Jen and I were talking about how easy it is, to trade ‘trinkets for treasure’. We all do it—in one way or another. Sometimes our trade is super obvious and other times it’s subtle, but either way…it’s no real way to live. Jesus offers us a life that is full. Scripture reveals: the way to live life is … Read More


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Isn’t it amazing how babies notice the tiniest details? I am continually amazed by the things that captivate my little guy. A piece of fuzz in the bathtub holds his utmost attention. The steam wafting up from a pot makes him giggle with delight. His fingers and toes are objects of pure wonder. I don’t know about you, but every … Read More