Windows To The Soul

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Ok moms – I can’t be the only one that ADORES those baby pictures of my kids where their little eyes shine so brightly. You know the ones I mean. Those photos where it’s like everything else fades away and you can see right into their tiny little souls. I have a favorite photo like this for each of my three … Read More

Birthday Party Feature Over at!

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Guess what! Asha’s 2-year birthday bash for her little Alana was featured by none other than, a AWESOME site with DIY ideas, activities, and city-specific articles perfect for parents with young kiddos! You can read the entire post here. Below, as you can see, Asha is a supermom when it comes to pulling off beautiful DIY projects! In Him, … Read More

My Top 7 Bedtime Stories

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Lulling your children into dreamland can be quite the daunting task. Some days my sweet one goes down without a fight, but other nights—it can be off-the-charts drama. Most nights, my hubby takes on book time so I can steal away for a shower or to make dinner. This time is so special for my daughter and her Daddy. I … Read More

We Love!

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Recently I had the opportunity to write a guest post for, which is one of the largest websites for moms out there today! They are a wonderful resources for moms of all ages, and I highly recommend checking out their site when you need some decorating inspiration, kiddo project ideas, encouragement, and more. To see the post that I … Read More

To Daycare or not to Daycare

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One of the hardest decisions for any working parent to make is whether or not to send their children to daycare.  That tough decision is often followed up with wondering how in the world you’re supposed to know which daycare is best for them.  Every parent worries about safety and quality when it comes to choosing a daycare, so when … Read More

The Bully Project: A Year in the Life of America’s Bullying Crisis

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In case you have not seen the promo videos or run across an ad for the movie on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media hotspot, let me take a minute to fill you in on this amazing movement that is sweeping the nation. [image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”left”][/image_frame] This year, over 13 million American children will be bullied, which makes bullying … Read More