Thanks Mom!

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As Mother’s Day draws near, I am faced with the yearly process of buying cards, gifts, and flowers for the mommas and grammas in my life, and also of receiving wonderful wishes and love-filled gestures of my own. Do you ever wonder how in the world you are going to condense a world of thoughts and emotions into a card that you will present to the special women in your life on this one day out of the year? I know I do…there is always so much I want to say and yet no idea how to say it.

Let’s be honest…somehow “Thanks for always being there” or “You are the best mom in the world” just somehow do not cut it – especially now that I am a mom myself and I truly understand the sacrifice and patience and love that goes into being a mom or grandmother.

When there is so much you want to say, how do you say it? Is it with a grandiose gift? Quality time? A handmade labor of love? For me, I think this year it will simply be a thank you – a time for me to really reflect on all that the women in my life have done with me and for me throughout the years and to give them honor and credit and thanks to them for being such wonderful rocks in my life.

What are you saying to the moms in your life this Sunday?

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